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looking for accommodation
posted by: Teniola on 6/24/2013

Please pray for my fiancée and I to a good accommodation where the presence a of God is, a place we can call home, on the island , lekki be precise.Thank you.
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healing & strength
posted by: Heidi Hutchins on 6/17/2013

Please pray for my friends mom, Shirley Mensing; she's going in for surgery for aortic aneurysm. It is very risky. Thank you!
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Praise report
posted by: Steve & Diane Wesala on 5/14/2013

Just wanted to say thanks for praying as the Lord has provided a safe, newer trailer for our aunt & uncle and He also provided a really cool new location to live, God is Good!
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place to stay
posted by: Steve & Diane Wesala on 4/10/2013

Please pray for Diane and I for wisdom and ideas as we try to find a safe place for our aunt and uncle to live, they're living in an old 12 foot camp trailer on our property and it is unsafe and full of black mold. If anyone can donate or sell a used trailer that would be safe and OK appearance they want to live in an RV park here in town. Thanks and God bless.
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save my marriage
posted by: yvonne myers on 2/19/2013

My husband John is deciding on whether to divorce. Please let him miss me and decide to work on our marriage. Yvonne
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posted by: Margaret on 1/20/2013

Hello, I have a strong need to go to church, and my spouse isn't very open to going. He says that he will, but Sunday rolls around, and invariably we can't go. I don't drive and don't live anywhere near a bus stop, and I am very lonely and crave the fellowship of other believers. I have multiple medical issues and just feel the need for support - though it's very hard for me to ask for help! Thank you for your prayers, and I hope one day very soon that we will be walking through your doors. Oh and I'm also in need of counseling and wonder if you offer this option.
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posted by: on 12/6/2012

Please pray for God's protection for Israel during this time of strife. Pray for the leadership in Israel & the Palestinian areas.
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Custody hearing!
posted by: Debbie Gallagher on 10/17/2012

Please pray for my Nephew Brian and great Nephew Takoda. They are going in to a custody hearing at 1:30pm The mother is an abusive. She has horse whipped him and made him live in a tent in the front yard. Please pray the Brian gets custody today. Please Lord Please help Brian and Takota say the right things in Court. Amen
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Going to court for Custody
posted by: Brian Barlow & his son Takoda on 10/17/2012

Please pray for Brian to say the right things in Court today. He hasn't any money for an attorney so he is fighting on his own for Custody today at 1:30pm. Takoda has been horse whipped by his mom and his age is 14. She is raising him like you would a horse. Very abusive. Brian needs our prayers.
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Custody hearing!
posted by: Brian Barlow & his son Takoda on 10/15/2012

Please pray for Brian Barlow to get custody of his sone Takota because his mother is abusing him. He is 14. He needs prayer the abuse has been going on for years. The hearing is at 1:30 pm October 17, 2012
I will pray 42 people are praying.
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