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Pray for my healing!!!!!
posted by: Alfred O. Brown Jr on 7/27/2016

Prayer Request: Please pray for me.I need your healing prayers.I am 68 years old. I suffer from heart problems and diabetes. Diabetes has caused kidney problems and liver problems( I do not drink or smoke) I will be most happy for your help in prayer. Please pray for my miracle. I also suffer from Depression and anxiety.This has a great deal of problems.. Pray for peace-peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul!!! Thank You, Alfred O. Brown Jr.
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posted by: Steve on 7/22/2016

please pray for Angie, having 4 way heart surgery next week, for skilled doctors hands, comfort and healing to her and a calming peace to husband also.
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posted by: Steve on 7/22/2016

Please pray for our neighbor LeAnn in the ICU, for healing, peace and comfort to the family.
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posted by: lennis on 7/20/2016

Please give prayer for my wife Angie. She has to have quadruple bypass heart surgery on Tuesday.we are putting all in his hands. Thank you.
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A home
posted by: Smart family on 5/31/2016

A month ago the Smart family moved in when they had no other place to go with only a few clothes. We thank God for the many blessings God has bestowed on them from a roof, beds when they had none, and some other furniture. Jesus has been faithful to bless this home. He has been touching this family and even getting them to come to church after years of absence. But the need for prayer, for wisdom and the Lord's guidance isn't over. After attempting to sign them onto my lease, the apartment management has declined. We thank God for protecting all of us while they are here and His many continued and even daily blessings, and for a new found frienship. But now we need prayer for the financial breakthrough and home God has for them. We thank God for 2 Timothy 1:7, and for His peace while we wait. Please also pray for there continued growth in a relationship with Jesus. Thank you. Rebecca
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Prayer for healing
posted by: Kim Vallimont on 5/13/2016

Please pray for Sonny Begley,,,He has skin cancer thats spreading rapidly due to the medication he has to take so he doesnt reject a lung transplant he had several years ago due to mesothelioma compromising his amune system as well as he just found out he also has cancer inside his body in kidney and other lung. Doctor has said he is to high risk to undergo cancer treatment. Please please pray for him as well as his family. Thank you and much love and blessings to you...
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posted by: Dominique on 5/3/2016

Please pray for my family and me. Please pray that I find a good job, a friend and some peace from the anxiety and depression that left me so lost and hopeless. God is great and He is the only true relief but He feels so far away right now. Thank you
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Emergency Prayer Needed
posted by: Adam Bradford on 2/8/2016

I am in desperate need of prayer. My wife filed for divorce and has hired an attorney to seal the process of what she has started in killing our marriage. There are no Biblical grounds for this divorce to happen, and in the length of time that she has been gone from our home, I have been humbled greatly and become closer to the Lord, but apparently, she has become quite hardened and her actions in this shows great coldness. Please pray that my wife’s eyes will be open to see me as the Lord does and that her heart will be softened and be obedient to the Spirit’s voice. The divorce hearing has been set for March 8th, which happens to be my birthday. I don’t want to be divorced period, especially on my birthday. I don’t have the money to hire an attorney to protect myself against the demands her attorney has concocted in order to harm me. The Word states that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, so please pray that this process itself will be harmed by our Lord who Himself hates divorce. I ask for grace, mercy, favor and protection in this, along with a deeply broken heart that wants only restoration and reconciliation. Thank you. Adam Bradford
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Pray for my success in examinations
posted by: Olufemi Abiodun on 11/13/2015

Prayer Point Kindly pray for the LORD to get me out of debt and provide for the need of my family. I need divine favour & retentive memory for resounding success in my forthcoming masters’ degree final examinations.
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Feeling Lonely
posted by: Bay on 10/26/2015

I recently had to move and I have yet to really meet anyone. I am beginning to feel lonely and I need strength and boldness to get out of my comfort zone.
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